The American Dental Association has maintained over the years that in order to have optimum oral health, people should see their dentists regularly. While the recommendation used to be every 6 months, the ADA now supports seeing a dentist as much, or little, as needed for your personal care plan. For some patients, seeing their dentist every 6 months is too often while other patients Texas Mobile Dentists, Brown Mobile Dental, Mobile Dentistry Texaswith more serious oral health issues may benefit from more frequent appointments. This is where Texas mobile dentists can make your life and oral health much more convenient.

What Are Texas Mobile Dentists?

Texas mobile dentists bring your dentist to your doorstep (if you live in their treatment area). There are many different Texas mobile dentists serving different regions of the state. All Texas mobile dentists can come to your home or residence to provide dental services. For patients that are homebound or live in a nursing home, this kind of care can make a significant impact on oral health.

Why do I Need Texas Mobile Dentists?

Texas mobile dentists are important because the older people become, the harder it is to receive dental care. Senior citizens are the most disadvantaged due to disability or institutionalization (nursing homes). According to the Center for Disease Control, 96% of senior citizens have a cavity. One-fifth of all seniors have untreated tooth decay and two-thirds are suffering from gum disease. Senior citizens also suffer from the highest rate of tooth loss with one-fifth of them having lost 100% of their teeth before age 75 and a quarter of seniors losing 100% of their teeth after age 75.

Oral cancer is another risk factor for seniors. The median age for an oral cancer diagnosis is 62 years old. When seniors are not able to get to the dental office, the signs of oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay may be missed, causing many more extreme problems and health risks the longer untreated. Texas mobile dentists can solve the problem of transportation to and from the dentist office by bringing a dental team to a senior’s home or living facility.

Texas mobile dentists treat more than just senior citizens, however. There are many reasons why people may not be able to go to a dentist office including dental phobia, physical and mental disabilities. Other people may just want to pay for the convenience of receiving dental care in their home. No matter what your reason for needing the convenience that Texas mobile dentists offer, appointments can be made for anyone of any ability.

Services from Texas Mobile Dentists

The services that are provided by your Texas mobile dentists will vary depending on the practitioner you choose; however, there are some basic services that you can expect from a Texas mobile dentist such as Brown Mobile Dental in North Central Texas.

Hygiene Cleaning- A regular Hygiene cleaning is usually recommended every 6 months. A dental hygienist will clean and polish the surface of the teeth, remove plaque and tartar build-up, and floss. The Texas mobile dentists will check for cavities and other oral health issues.

Deep Cleaning- When tartar and plaque have developed under the gums, such as the case with gum disease, a deep cleaning is needed. Mobile deep cleanings use a process called root planing and scaling. Using an ultrasonic or laser tool, your mobile dentist will be able to remove the tartar and plaque from the root of the teeth. The root is planed smooth so that bacteria cannot be left behind in any pockets formed on the teeth from decay.

Extractions- Most Texas mobile dentists can perform both simple and surgical extractions. Make sure to check with the Texas mobile dentists that you choose about the type of extraction you need. Even surgical extractions that require anesthesia can be done in your home or nursing home.

Dentures- Having a set of dentures once you have lost all your teeth is especially important for seniors. Mobile denture processes allow for the Texas mobile dentists to be able to x-ray and create molds for your dentures without you ever needing to come into an office. Once your dentures are ready, they can be mailed or brought back by Texas mobile dentists to ensure proper fit.

Fillings- Having a cavity filled is a simple procedure that Texas mobile dentists often perform. When a tooth has begun to decay, a cavity is formed on the tooth. The bacteria will eat away at the enamel and bone of the tooth until a hole is formed. To stop decay from spreading, Texas mobile dentists will clean and fill the hole with porcelain, composite resin, silver, or gold.

Root Canals- A root canal is sometimes necessary when the tooth is decayed beyond a simple filling, but still savable or undamaged on the outside. When Texas mobile dentists perform a root canal, the infected tooth pulp is removed before the tooth is filled.

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