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Mobile Dental Exams

The Benefits of Mobile Dental Exams Can you imagine how pleasant it would be to never have to visit a dental office for a checkup and cleaning again? It’s possible with mobile dental exams. Mobile dentistry makes it possible to receive your dental care without ever having to leave your home. Brown Mobile Dental can bring… read more

What is Mobile Dental Service?

Mobile Dental Service: Why Does it Matter? Dental care is vital to your overall health. The mouth is the door to your body, and diseases such as oral infection can cause a variety of serious, life-threatening diseases. Unfortunately, oral infection is extremely common among elderly people, particularly those living in nursing homes and assisted living… read more

How to Get Mobile Dental Dentures

Does your loved one need mobile dental dentures? Often the people who need dentures the most are those who live in skilled nursing facilities. However, it can be very difficult to get them dentures due to their living situation. Getting new dentures made for you is a multi-step process that requires several appointments with a… read more