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At Brown Mobile Dental, we want to be the best mobile dental company in the industry, because we want you and your loved ones to get the best care possible. We also understand that being the best company isn’t only about having the best customer service, offering the best prices, or even providing the best dental care. It’s about being the best people. Our mobile dental culture believes that if we ourselves be the people we ought to be, then our service and treatment will also be what they ought to be.

This is why Brown Mobile Dental calls every member of our team to live out our mission statement and core values. These are the guiding principles behind everything we do. These aren’t just for our doctors and managers either. Every employee in our mobile dental culture – from our business office to our dental lab – is encouraged and expected to treasure and practice these values. We hang them on our wall in the office, say them aloud during our meetings, so that we can think about them while we work.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is spells out our primary objective – to be the best. It explains what we mean by “the best”, and it illustrates what this looks like in practice in our mobile dental culture. Below is our mission statement, summed up in three essential pieces:

  • We provide the most compassionate and highest quality dental care in our industry.
  • We make dental care as convenient and pleasant as possible for our clients and patients.
  • We create exceptional return for the investment of all stakeholders.

Company Core Values

These are the principles that guide us. While we do not require our staff to participate in any religious practices, we have based these values on timeless Judeo-Christian morality.

1. Integrity

  • We conduct ourselves morally at all times, understanding that who we are when we are alone is alone who we are.
  • We earn the trust of our clients and coworkers by speaking truthfully.
  • We follow the full extent of state and federal law.

Why this is a core value: First of all, it’s universally understand by every human being that the truth is better than lies. All of mankind is aware that honesty is essentially good and essential in any pursuit of goodness. There are also practical reasons why integrity is first and foremost in our core values. Without honesty and integrity, there can be no trust. Trust is essential and foundational to any healthy and lasting relationship, and therefore it’s essential to a healthy work environment and to mutually-beneficial relationships with our patients and customers.

2. Relationships

  • We actively listen to our clients and patients, that we may understand their needs and serve them with excellence.
  • We actively listen to each other, that we may understand one another and work together effectively.
  • We encourage one another, celebrating excellence where we achieve it and improving on weakness where we find it.

Why this is a core value: You are not a number to us. Your loved ones are not an opportunity; they are human beings. Our clients are hard-working individuals who deserve respect and consistency. That’s why our mobile dental culture seeks a relationship rather than a transaction: we genuinely care about you, and we want to serve you. This is what we have believed since 1994, and it’s what we hold to now.

You’ll notice that two out of the three points underneath this value have to do with active listening. This is because we need to know you and your needs before we can fully care for you. Therefore, we practice active listening in our office, so that we are always making sure that we hear you and that you know you are being heard.

3. Humility

  • We consider the comfort and convenience of our patients and customers as more important than our own.
  • We are teachable, understanding that the wise know how little they know.
  • We ask for help when we need it, refusing to take unnecessary risks.
  • When conflict arises amongst ourselves, we first look to our own conduct, considering the plank in our own eye. Then, free of resentment, we resolve the conflict, being honest and objective, involving only those the issue concerns.

Why this is a core value: Humility tends to take the most explaining, which is why there are four bullet points underneath it instead of three. If you want to sum up what humility means to us, we would sum it up as follows: considering others more important than yourself.

We at Brown Mobile Dental believe that the true way we elevate ourselves and our mobile dental culture is by lowering ourselves to raise others up. Does that sound contradictory? That’s understandable. And yet, it is a universal characteristic amongst all of the truly great leaders, movements, and organizations throughout history. True greatness is defined by the depth of your service. Because we believe this, we seek to treat everyone this way – our patients, our clients, our coworkers, even our vendors. The goal of our every interaction is that the other person feels honored.

4. Commitment

  • We resolve to perform every task, however large or small, with diligence.
  • We follow-through on every commitment we make to our clients, to ourselves, and to one another, letting what we say be simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
  • We think and behave proactively, setting goals, acting with urgency, and looking for ways to serve others and improve our organization.

Why this is a core value: We must do what we say we’ll do. This is the glue that holds all the other values together in our mobile dental culture. We know that actions speak louder than statements. As an important man once said, “Faith without works is dead.”

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