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Mobile Dental Health Care Options for Seniors

A 2015 study by AARP Medicare found that nearly 20% of senior citizens on Medicare were classified as homebound. Most of these seniors were homebound for reasons such as severe memory loss, dementia, having multiple hospitalizations, having chronic or severe health problems, or being on a cocktail of medications. All these reasons for being homebound… read more

Mobile Surgical Extractions In Your Home

Tooth extractions are one of the most common procedures performed in a dental office. Tooth extractions can be simple or surgical, and sometimes even need a root tip extraction. They are not especially comfortable no matter which method must be used. However, mobile surgical extractions make it possible for the procedure to take place in… read more

Texas Mobile Dentists: Oral Health Convenience

The American Dental Association has maintained over the years that in order to have optimum oral health, people should see their dentists regularly. While the recommendation used to be every 6 months, the ADA now supports seeing a dentist as much, or little, as needed for your personal care plan. For some patients, seeing their… read more

Mobile Dental Clinics Pros and Cons

Mobile Dental clinics bring dental services to patients that may not otherwise be able to receive dental care. These patients include elderly people who are homebound or in institutions such as hospital or nursing homes. Patients may also include those suffering from dental phobias, or populations that are underserved such as low-income school children. Mobile… read more

Mobile Dental Appointments for Nursing Homes

The measure of care a patient in a nursing home receives can be seen in the patient’s oral health. Too often, oral health problems plague senior citizens who rely on nursing home care. Many patients cannot brush their teeth themselves. They may be resistant to dental care due to dementia. Dental care is sometimes the… read more

Mobile Tooth Extractions: What to Know

There are many reasons why people need to have a tooth extracted. The tooth could be damaged, infected, decayed, or eroded and need to come out. Extractions are one of the most common dental procedures with millions of people have their wisdom teeth removed every year and millions more having simple or surgical extractions. Mobile… read more

Mobile Dental Hygiene Cleanings Are Important

Our teeth are important to us throughout our lives. Not only for eating, biting, chewing; but for our self-esteem, speech, and confidence. For many people, taking care of their teeth is important. As they age, and can no longer care for themselves, their dental care often becomes neglected. Mobile Dental Hygiene Cleanings can be essential… read more

Mobile Deep Cleanings For Gum Disease

Are you one of nearly 70% of senior citizens in the United States of America with gum disease? Perhaps you are one of nearly half of all other Americans with gum disease. This common oral health problem used to be something you could only be treated for in a dentist’s office. Now, mobile dentists are… read more

Mobile Nursing Home Dental Services

There are over 1.3 million people in America who live in nursing homes. Almost three-quarters of these people relyon Medicaid to pay their bills and nearly none of them have dental insurance. When senior citizens must move into a nursing home, their oral healthcare seems to decline. They may be homebound, without access to transportation,… read more

Mobile Dental Exams for Nursing Homes

There comes a time in some people’s lives where they cannot live at home anymore. They may be too old, have severe health issues, or maybe in rehab temporarily. People who live in nursing homes are often homebound. They cannot leave the facility with the exception of their specialist appointments in many cases. Oral healthcare… read more

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