There are over 1.3 million people in America who live in nursing homes. Almost three-quarters of these people relymobile dental, brown mobile dental, mobile dental cleanings, mobile dental cleaning, dental cleanings, dental cleaning, oral healthon Medicaid to pay their bills and nearly none of them have dental insurance. When senior citizens must move into a nursing home, their oral healthcare seems to decline. They may be homebound, without access to transportation, or unable to come to a dentist office for other reasons. Mobile nursing home dental services are now being provided by dentists that work with Medicaid patients with applied income. Brown Mobile Dental is a mobile dentist Dallas Fort Worth that offers these beneficial services.

Mobile Nursing Home Dental Services Offered

Services will vary between mobile dentists; however, there are some procedures that are performed most often for mobile nursing home dental services.

Dentures A mobile dentist will come to the nursing home and fit the patient for dentures. The dentist will also perform any extractions that need to be made. Dentures are used to replace a full arch of teeth and can come with either top, bottom, or both arches. Dentures are designed to resemble natural teeth and will help patients with eating and chewing. Mobile dentures are customized to fit with each patient’s mouth.

Simple Extractions-If a tooth needs pulled out and is above the gum line, mobile dentists can easily perform these. Simple extractions generally do not require anesthesia however analgesics may be used. If you need multiple simple extractions your pain management plan may be different however and the mobile dentist may decide to use anesthesia. Sometimes multiple simple extractions will also need to be completed over multiple appointments.

Surgical Extractions- Some teeth are below the gum line due to damage or impaction. These teeth need to be surgically removed. A surgical extraction involves cutting into the gum tissue to remove the tooth. Mobile dentists frequently perform surgical extractions. Surgical extractions require the use of anesthesia. Pain and discomfort is common after a surgical tooth extraction. Your dentist may prescribe pain medication for you.

Deep Cleaning- Deep cleaning is the process of removing plaque and tartar from below the gum line. The treatment is for patients with gum disease. The mobile dentists at Brown Mobile Dental use an ultrasonic tool that uses sound waves to blast away plaque and tartar. This method minimizes gum irritation, bleeding, and results in faster healing. Some dentists may still use traditional scaping and planing tools to remove plaque. Deep cleaning is also known as non-surgical periodontal therapy. Mobile deep cleanings can be performed by mobile dentists as well as periodontists.

Hygiene Cleaning-Mobile hygiene cleanings should be performed twice a year and are the regular types of cleanings you would receive in-office. A hygiene clean is performed by a hygienist most often and involves removing plaque and tartar from the surface of teeth, flossing, and polishing teeth. Some mobile dentists offer a fluoride treatment.

Why Are Mobile Nursing Home Dental Services Important?

Poor oral health is known to be linked to diabetes and heart disease. More than 70% of senior citizens have gum disease. This population is most at risk medically and a lack of dental care increases their chances of becoming ill.

Many patients in nursing homes need to be treated for gum disease, missing teeth, need extractions, or want dentures. For some patients living in nursing homes, going to a dentist office is not a good option. Mobile nursing home dental services allow patients to have easy access to dental care. Facilities can set up appointments for multiple residents on the same day. This allows those waiting for appointments to relax in their rooms, have lunch, or enjoy activities while waiting their turn. This can save nursing homes tremendous transportation costs.

Mobile nursing home dental services are also important because they help the elderly patients to gain back some self-confidence, be comfortable smiling and talking to people againĀ and boost their self-esteem and social ability. Sometimes when people are missing teeth they don’t like to talk to people in fear of people realizing they have no teeth. Nursing home residents that have gotten dentures have seen an increase in happiness, boost in mood, and have enjoyed more communication and company.

How to Schedule Mobile Nursing Home Dental Services

If you are a staff member looking to schedule appointments for patients that need mobile nursing home dental services, you first need to find a provider. Mobile dentists Dallas Forth Worth include Brown Mobile Dental. We provide all of the services listed above and more. Specializing in mobile nursing home dental services, we were created for the purpose of mobile dentistry.

Mobile dentists are not just for nursing homes. Private pay appointments are available in home and can also be scheduled through Brown Mobile Dental. To get started setting up mobile nursing home dental services at your facility, call Brown Mobile Dental at 817-335-5555