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The Benefits of Mobile Dental Exams

Can you imagine how pleasant it would be to never have to visit a dental office for a checkup and cleaning again? It’s possible with mobile dental exams. Mobile dentistry makes it possible to receive your dental care without ever having to leave your home. Brown Mobile Dental can bring compassionate dental care to your door, whether you live in a house, an apartment, an assisted living facility, or a skilled nursing facility! Read on to discover the benefits of mobile dental exams. We’ll share not only the benefits of this treatment, but we’ll also explain how to get one for yourself or your loved one.

What is a dental exam?

A dental exam is a when a dentist checks your teeth for problems like cavities. Dentists will also evaluate your risk for other oral health issues. In addition, they may check your mouth, neck and face for abnormalities like lumps. A dental exam can include radiographs (a.k.a. X-rays) or other diagnostic processes. During a dental exam, a dentist or hygienist will likely talk with you about your hygiene habits and lifestyle decisions that affect your oral health. He or she may give you a review on how to brush your teeth and floss properly, as well.

Mobile dental exams also often involve your dentist using a small tool called a scaler to clean the tartar off of your teeth above and below your gumline. Once your teeth are clean, your dentist will check your teeth for decay and your gums for redness and swelling.

Why are mobile dental exams important?

Every person should receive a full dental exam at least 2 times per year. Why? Because your oral health matters. Your mouth is the literal door to the rest of your body. Study after study shows that a healthy mouth reduces risks of systemic diseases such as heart disease and kidney failure. Meanwhile, even more studies show that oral infection significantly increases risks for systemic diseases, such as brain infection, throat cancer, stomach cancer, and more. These systemic diseases can be life-threatening. Moreover, they will inevitably be extremely costly to suffer and treat.

Dental exams do a lot more than just identify potential diseases. They also give a dentist an opportunity to diagnose every current problem with your oral health. A dentist can give you their professional diagnosis with a dental exam. They can tell you exactly what procedures and dental treatments you need to maximize your oral health and your quality of life. Without a dental exam, no dentist can properly treat you or give you the care you deserve. As previously mentioned, most people should get a dental exam twice a year. However, some people may need dental exams more frequently due to factors such as periodontal disease.

How Does an Exam Work in Mobile Dentistry?

During a mobile dental exam, our dental team will arrive at your place of residence. They will set up your chair in the area of your home most optimal for your care. Once they get their equipment set up, they will give you your exam the same way they would in a dental office. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Scheduling Mobile Dental Exams

Contact Brown Mobile Dental today to schedule a mobile dental exam for you or your loved one. We can provide you with the care you deserve regardless of what type of residence you live in. Our team travels all over North Central Texas to care for our homebound dentistry patients, as we have faithfully since 1994. Call us today to start your mobile dentistry treatment!

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