The measure of care a patient in a nursing home receives can be seen in the patient’s oral health. Too often, mobile dental appointments, mobile dental exams, mobile dental exams, mobile dental exam, dental exams, dental exam, mobile dental care, mobile dental, mobile dentistry, brown mobile dentaloral health problems plague senior citizens who rely on nursing home care. Many patients cannot brush their teeth themselves. They may be resistant to dental care due to dementia. Dental care is sometimes the most difficult treatment to give patients in nursing homes. Many nurses and certified nursing assistants do not receive training in dental care. Mobile dental appointments are a great solution to ensure that patients in nursing homes are receiving high-quality dental care.

What Are Mobile Dental Appointments?

Mobile dental appointments are when the dentist and dental team travel to the patient’s residence. Senior dental care can improve dramatically when dentists have mobile practices that can travel to nursing homes to perform dental procedures.

Mobile dental appointments are little different from traditional appointments in a brick and mortar office. The mobile dentist will bring mobile versions of their equipment to nursing home facilities and set up a clinic in a community space. This space could be a dining room, gymnasium, community room, or other space that can provide a clean environment.

In nursing homes, a mobile dental clinic is typically set up for all patients to be seen on the same day. Individual mobile dental appointments can also be scheduled for patients who need follow-up appointments. Patients who are experiencing abnormal dental symptoms are also able to schedule individual appointments with mobile dentists.

Mobile Dental Appointments Services

Mobile dental appointments services will vary depending on the practice. Most mobile dentists offer routine dental procedures such as hygiene cleanings, deep cleanings, dentures, and fillings. Mobile dentists are also able to do x-rays remotely with new digital technology that takes x-rays just like a digital camera or scanner.

Dentures and Mobile Dental Appointments

Dentures are one of the most common mobile dental appointments for seniors. Dentures are much easier for nurses and other staff to take care of, especially for patients with dementia. Nursing home staff are also not always trained to treat severe oral health care problems and to prevent further issues, dentures may be a viable option for seniors.

Dentures allow for a senior to be able to eat and speak, and are aesthetically pleasing even when they have no teeth left. For seniors with decayed teeth or severe dental problems, extraction of the teeth and dentures may be the best option.

Mobile Dental Appointments in Other Places

Mobile dental appointments are not limited to nursing homes. Mobile dental clinics are often set up at assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation clinics. Individual private appointments can also be scheduled with mobile dentists.

Other people that benefit from mobile dentists include people with disabilities or phobias such as dental phobia or social phobias. Mobile dentists also give access to dental services in underserved communities. Many rural areas and low-income neighborhoods in the United States lack adequate ratios of dentists to the population. When a dentist can travel to the patients, dental care access is improved.

Which is Better Mobile or Office?

There is some debate on whether mobile dental appointments or in-office appointments are better for dental care. The answer is that Mobile dental appointments are little different than in office dental treatment. Mobile dental clinics are held under strict requirements and licensing procedures in most states where this practice is permitted.

Mobile dental clinics employ dentists and hygienist with the same qualifications as those who work in offices. Mobile dentists must be board certified, just as a traditional dentist must. Mobile dentists provide access to dental care for people who may not otherwise be able to get it. Children (with parental permission) are able to receive their biannual dental cleanings when mobile dental clinics are set up at public schools. These children may not be able to have dental care due to their parent’s work schedules or finances.

Finding a Mobile Dentist

If you are ready to set up your first mobile dentist appointments, an internet search should bring up mobile dentists near you. Some dentists have traditional offices and offer mobile dental appointments as an extension of their practice. Other dentists operate exclusively mobile practices and specialize in off-site dental treatment.

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