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Often the people who need dentures the most are those who live in skilled nursing facilities. However, it can be very difficult to get them dentures due to their living situation. Getting new dentures made for you is a multi-step process that requires several appointments with a dentist, and transporting your loved one to and from their facility to a dental office. Fortunately, Brown Mobile Dental can provide your loved ones with mobile dental dentures. We bring every step of the denture process right to your loved one’s room, making the process simple, quick, and life-changing.

What Are the Steps Involved in Getting Mobile Dentures?

There are multiple steps necessary for making a denture. Each will require at least one separate visit.

1. Initial exam and X-rays: Our mobile dentists will need to evaluate your loved one’s oral health.
2. Impressions: A mold will need to be taken of your loved one’s mouth
3. Wax Bite Relations: A wax mold will then be used to increase precision.
4. Final Try-In: A prototype denture will be used to finalize the design and fit of the denture.
5. Denture Delivery: The final denture is delivered, and your loved one has their new teeth!

How do I Get Started?

This process will look different for your loved one depending on whether or not they have applied income through Medicaid. We’ll first explain what it looks like if they do, and then explain how it would work if they don’t.

If your loved one has Medicaid applied income, then we will coordinate with the social worker at their facility. We’ll need to work with them to get a few documents, namely a referral form, a facility face sheet (listing their medications) and a hb1263 form (which is required by law). We will also need to verify your loved one’s applied income through the facility business office. Once we have all of this, we will be ready to schedule an exam. Note that if your loved one has medicaid applied income, then the cost of their mobile dentures will be completely covered.

If your loved one does not have applied income through medicaid, then getting mobile dental dentures looks a little bit different. You or the facility’s social worker can submit a private pay form for an initial exam and x-rays. Payment will be required in advance of this initial visit. After the initial visit, a treatment plan will be made. Payment for the dentures will be required in advance before we begin the process.

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Eating well is one of the finest pleasures in any person’s life. We care deeply about the care of our patients all across North Texas, and we see our mobile dental work as a service. Contact Brown Mobile Dental today to schedule your loved one’s mobile dental dentures and improve their quality of life. It will be our honor to care for them.