Our Mobile Dental Values

mobile dental values, brown mobile dental, mobile dental, mobile dental care, texas mobile dental, mobile dentistry, mobile dental provider, mobile dentistA company’s values matter. Just as each individual isn’t defined by their bank account, no company is defined by the amount of money it makes or even the amount of people it serves. In the end, the most enduring and affecting aspect of a company is its culture, and that is why Brown Mobile Dental emphasizes principle first in its practices, care, conversations and operations. Brown Mobile Dental was founded on timeless, self-evident values that uphold the dignity of people as individuals and the responsibilities we carry as health care providers. Our mobile dental values are there to inform how we do everything, because they are how we as individuals and a company would like to be treated.

We want to share with you, our patients and clients, the values that we hold ourselves to for the good of those we serve and encounter. Read on to find out more about who we are, what we believe, and why we do what we do.

Brown Mobile Dental Mission Statement

We make it our mission to provide the most compassionate and highest quality dental care in our industry. We will make dental care as convenient and pleasant as possible for our clients and patients. We will also create exceptional return for the investment of all stakeholders.

Company Core Values

    1. Integrity – We will conduct ourselves morally at all times, understanding that who we are when we are. We earn the trust of our clients and coworkers by speaking truthfully, and we follow the full extent of state and federal law.
    2. Relationships –We actively listen to our clients and patients, that we may understand their needs and serve them with excellence. We also actively listen to each other, that we may understand one another and work together effectively. Finally, we encourage one another, celebrating excellence where we achieve it and improving on weakness where we find it.
    3. Humilty – We consider the comfort and convenience of our patients and customers as more important than our own. We vow to be teachable, understanding that the wise know how little they know, and we also therefore ask for help when we need it, refusing to take unnecessary risks. When conflict arises amongst ourselves, we first look to our own conduct, considering the plank in our own eye. Then, free of resentment, we resolve the conflict, being honest and objective, involving only those the issue concerns.
    4. Commitment – We resolve to perform every task with diligence, however large or small. We will follow-through on every commitment we make to our clients, to ourselves, and to one another. We let what we say be simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We also resolve to think and behave proactively, setting goals, acting with urgency, and looking for ways to serve others and improve our organization.

Learn More About Our Culture and Values

Our company mantra is simple: “Together We Serve”. Our heart at Brown Mobile Dental is to serve. Whether it be our patients, our nursing facility staff, or our coworkers, we desire to be an organization that encourages and inspires all that we come into contact with. Values like these are ultimately what lead to either blessing or harm. The Brown Mobile Dental Values listed above are what separate a truly great organization from a mediocre or poor one. Contact us today for information on how our culture overflows into everything we do: from our patient care to our billing, communication processes, and overall attitude. Thank you for choosing us to serve you and your loved one!

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