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Mobile Dental Cleanings: Removing the Hassle of Dental Appointments

Regular teeth cleanings are essential to your overall health. Everyone should have their teeth cleaned at least once per year, if not twice per year. But who has the time to do this? Who wants to leave the comfort of their home to drive to their dentist’s office? If only you could skip all of that and get your cleaning in the safety and comfort of your own home, right? Well, you can. Mobile dental cleanings can help you take care of your health without going through the trouble of traditional dental appointments. Here are 4 things to know about dental cleanings and mobile dental cleaning appointments.

1. Homebound Dental Care removes SO much stress.

There are so many things about a visit to a typical doctor’s office that trigger stress without you consciously realizing it. The window, for instance, makes many people feel disconnected from the office staff. Shabby or unappealing decor can give you the impression that the doctor and their staff don’t care about your comfort, which will usually lead to feeling uncared for period. Conversations, especially loud ones from unseen locations, can trigger a sense of isolation. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, that physical unease can lead to mental unease. Silence can be distressing. Unpleasant or unfamiliar music can be even worse. And these are just some examples of the stressors experienced in typical a doctor’s office.

With mobile dental care, the stressors above will be absent. You’ll be in your home, so you will be in the most comfortable and familiar environment possible for you. Many are amazed by the difference this can make in de-stressing their dental appointments.

2. Mobile Dental Cleanings are even less trouble than you think to schedule.

We can’t speak for other dental care providers, but Brown Mobile Dental makes scheduling mobile dental cleanings appointments extremely simple. You’ll be asked for 3 things:

  1. A Health History form.
  2. A signed copy of your HIPPA Privacy Notice.
  3. A Signed Private Pay Agreement & payment in advance for the exam and cleaning.

That’s it. You can pay with cash, check, or credit card. You can email us these forms, fax them, or email them. It’s your choice. Once we get these things, we’ll schedule your mobile dental appointment immediately.

3. If you need a Deep Cleaning, you can get that in your home too.

Standard hygiene appointments aren’t the mobile dental cleanings you can get in your home. You may need a deeper, more intense, more comprehensive cleaning called a scaling and root planing, which treats periodontal disease. You may also require additional treatments, such as fluoride varnish, and this too is available in your home. In fact, there are very few dental care procedures that Brown Mobile Dental can’t offer. X-rays, Dentures, Extractions, and fillings are all mobile dentistry treatments that you can have. The list is too long to mention every treatment you can have in your home in this blog.

4. Teeth Cleanings really aren’t optional if you want to stay ensure your health.

You probably don’t realize just how important the health of your mouth is to your overall health. The mouth is the door to your body. Therefore, if there are problems in your mouth, they will probably affect the rest of you. Consider the following facts: Oral infection can lead to serious systemic diseases, such as heart disease, brain infection, kidney failure, liver disease, and blood infection. That’s just 5 out of 100 systemic diseases that can have oral manifestations. Moreover, the dental exams you get with your dental cleanings can spot things like cancer, before it gets out of control. So, yeah. It’s very, very important that you get your teeth cleaned regularly by oral health professionals.

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